Keep up with your updates

This article is taken from the Governments advice on why you should keep up with your updates while working online.

New versions of software are available all the time. Sometimes they’re releasing new features — like a new set of emojis — or fixing ‘bugs’ in the code, like that annoying error message that pops up but doesn’t make sense.

Software updates aren’t just about adding new features or fixing bugs though, they’re also about fixing weaknesses, or vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities are parts of the app or software that can be used for purposes other than those intended. It’s through these vulnerabilities that attackers can gain access to your device and your information.

When vulnerabilities are identified, the developers quickly change the code to resolve the issue and send it to your device as a software update, often through your app store. Timing is important here — the sooner your system is updated, the less time an attacker has to find and use these weaknesses.

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